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OMG, another forum for the sole purpose of the set up of an RP!
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 OMG, SB and I are so super good at brainstorming~

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PostSubject: OMG, SB and I are so super good at brainstorming~   Sun Sep 07, 2008 10:44 pm

Start off with NPCs fighting in a tournament of some sort. We keep this up the entire time, some die, some live. The important ones(most of them) will live and will take the unique catalysts from the real characters once they enter Ion's realm.

The real characters will be searching for the special catalysts in order to get the Shin Megill. They team up, form rivalries, and we create special signs for where to go and how to get things. Like challenges presented at every place the catalysts can be found. The catalysts can only be found once the previous one is located, or something...they find catalysts of their own along the way.

Then, when they get there and the NPCs take the speshul ones, Ion enters them into a SoTL kinda thing where he presents them with challenges and stuff. We might have to NPC some other groups, too, so we can try killing people. Maybe the people that won the battle tourney from the start? Anyways, we do that, one group survives or wins, we enter the losers into another battle tourney since they lost the chance to compete against Ion for the Shin Megill. Then the NPCs use the speshul catalysts to stop Ion's cheating with the Shin Megill and the group fights and defeats him. Then they use the Shin Megill whatever. We can let them decide, or something.
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PostSubject: Re: OMG, SB and I are so super good at brainstorming~   Fri Sep 12, 2008 2:47 pm

Picky person b here!

Rather nonsensical deal, in which you know of and my points are in your mind but not given much work, yet its best to discuss how you're starting because many times this may or may not continue something.

Arena starting:

In a land that is experiencing decadence, would they run an operation in which time could be spent by the masses working? It could be made to stride for work and gore, so this may influence many peoples' thoughts. Given this aristocracy only entry, characters will have to develop (thus some fun could be made during which Smile ) via posssibly being banished from their title of Lord, well described loves try to escape from the competition of being an aristocrat, fighter, even down to a knight (given anyone does someone any older than 16...). Perhaps an aristocrat leading a secret act of being of fop in public but being a downright terrifying fighter in the area? Any of those things are possible, but basically what would this arena be? Status, purpose, entry, creation, order? (any of which you two haven't cover?)

lol All the mains could be prisoners from a few ransacked villages secretly sold to the arena by the bandit-like organization.
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OMG, SB and I are so super good at brainstorming~
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