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OMG, another forum for the sole purpose of the set up of an RP!
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 Leaders...if I can find all of them...:/

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PostSubject: Leaders...if I can find all of them...:/   Sun Sep 07, 2008 9:52 pm


Name: Nephthys

Gender: Male

Age: 24


Alliance: Leader of Vithri

Goals/ambitions: is to preserve life and change things back to the way they were

Catalyst form: A crest on his chest

Catalyst Power: The ability to control growth of living things (aside humans) and summoning (Ability to summon objects or beings for assistance-include animals)

Personality: Nephthys has a lot of respect for living things in general. He has a caring and nurturing personality.

Bio: Nephthys grew upon the ideals of peace and of how life was before the brink of destruction. He will do anything to protect his people but prefers a peaceful solution. However he knows that this is option may not be possible. Nephthys doesn't want anything to do with catalysts- if anything he wants to keep them apart to stop them getting into the wrong hands..


Name: Dimas

Gender: Male

Age: 29


Alliance(you don't have to be in one): Leader of the Nauges

Goals/ambitions: To further his wealth past that of anyone else.

Catalyst form: Cloak.

Catalyst Power: Allows him to escape the notice of anyone. If he displays any emotion during the time he uses it, the effect is canceled.

Personality(Just strongest traits for Catalyst powers and please go in detail): Greedy and secretive. No one knows whats going on in his head.

Bio: Dimas was a man born into the Aegis alliance. He grew up next to wealth and next to greedy people who wanted wealth. Their thoughts and ideals were forced into him. He became secretive. Not letting his thoughts out to anyone. He stole from his parents. His friends. His neighbors. He developed a lust for wealth, greater than that of the other people of Aegis. Instead of restoring the lifestyle of his ancestors, he wanted to live his own. He wanted to live at the top of the economic food chain. He wanted money above all else. People, as well as anything else, were second to money.

At the age of 15 he left for the Nauges Alliance. His greed and skill was quickly recognized and he moved up the ranks. Once in the upper levels, he tricked his way to the top. He stole from one person and framed another. He carried out assassinations on his own people. Anything for wealth. He became the second in command. For his position, he received a Catalyst. He then used its power to kill the leader. He overtook him.
Blah blah blah. This sucked. Deal! (I assume I'll have to fix this last part...>_>)

Aegis Leader

Name: Ophilia

Gender: Female

Age: 25


Alliance: Aegis

Goals: To raise Aegis to new heights

Catalyst Form: A yellow sash around her hip

Catalyst Power: Her catalyst allows her to almost instantaneously regenerate, as well as call upon the fires of hell.

Personality: Vengeful, believes in rebirth

We should probably just omit the bios. Duath didn't have one and I don't feel like making them for characters we won't use a lot...

And we never had a leader for the Monde or for the Prise, I don't think...
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Leaders...if I can find all of them...:/
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