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 Overview and Character sheet

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PostSubject: Overview and Character sheet   Sun Sep 07, 2008 9:47 pm

Lindel is a world on the brink of destruction. Internal seperation of society with feelings of distrust and greed become more and more apparent, while even political power has dimmed due to it no longer being any use. The constant war for supplies has turned into a battle which could lead village vs. the neighboring one. The nation of Arcainus began to fight over land with the most fertile lands of Ionia, which in response crushed the Vaeri di Siksta, an object which held immense magical power. Its pieces were separated and either went off on their own or still lay with the dead bodies of those who found them. These pieces have granted magical power to those they have responded to as a wearable item, which are commonly fought for; the pieces are in the form of stones with crest carved into them, and anyone who has knowledge of them have searched frantically for them. If a piece, commonly known as a Catalyst, reacts to someone, then it will take the form of a wearable accessory(necklace, bracelet, etc.).

In the present, the once powerful kingdoms have crumbled. Now, each person looks out for themselves in whatever way possible. While survival and power are the dominant goals, some alliances such as the Vithri want to find a way to preserve life and re-create the once prosperous nations. Others will go to any length to create more chaos in which they strive in, and others will just form up to be marauders. Whatever the purpose, these alliances are small and still have some distrust lurking about. Most citizens are nomads who travel in caravans, and some have found the pieces of the Vaeri di Siksta; the pieces granted magic which has opened new possibilities.

The current known alliances are:
Vithri - These nomads goal is to preserve life and change things back to the way they were.
Monde - They have they best technology and their goal is to put the Vaeri back together. This alliance is the largest and they wish to rule a large, powerful nation in return for their deeds and power.
Nauges - These once "low lifes" now make use of their thievery and are nothing more than bandits who live in riches compared to most.
Prise - Their goal is mainly survival, perhaps they are up to something more? They live in a dark swampy forest with an aboundance of overgrowth and has a everlasting grey sky. They live in solitude with the most possesion of the Catalysts.
Aegis - They are filled with the descendants of the aristocracy of the old kingdoms. They wish to live like their ancestors, no matter the cost. They use Catalysts to get what they want at any cost. They will selfishly steal and pillage in order to regain their families glory.

The old two largest kingdoms were:
Arcainus(the aggressors who held the Vaeri)
Ionia(peaceful and wealthy)
Kingdoms&alliances open for suggestions.

There is also an alternate realm only accessible to Catalyst holders, which is governed by Ion. Here they can meet up, spar, fight to the death, and just relax. This realm is enter able through meditation, which Ion always keeps in a strange, varying appearance.

Character Skeleton





Alliance(you don't have to be in one):


Catalyst form:

Catalyst Power:

Personality(Just strongest traits for Catalyst powers and please go in detail):

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PostSubject: Re: Overview and Character sheet   Mon Sep 08, 2008 10:20 am

I am n00b >.>

This will be edited into the proper character template in a bit. But this is the original character:

Valeria Fontana


Mage (Necromant)


Chaotic Neutral

184cm (6’0”)

64kg (140 lbs)

Dominant Hand:
Ambidextrous(originally right-handed but after a certain incident she learned to make use of her Left hand, and has good control with both of them)

Anything artistic, a fair amount of wealth, her exceptional control of her minions, whale meat, high-quality fur, privacy

Bitter food, temperatures that are too hot or cold, standing out too much, public authorities, arrogant or stuck up people, fish

Generally relaxed, quiet and calm, and also reclusive. She would rather observe a fight than jump right in, and is a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to her magic. But then again, one day she may save a person’s life, and the next, steal their belongings for herself.


Special Skills:

Undead Army – The fruits of Valeria’s Necromancy have led her to have the ability to summon a miniature army of deceased soldiers, normally ranging from 8-12 undead minions that fall under her command, or a handful of more powerful, “general” warriors with more power and speed, but greatly fewer in numbers, only around 2 or 3. This is generally good when she wants protection from physical attacks, and having the minions make their own attacks (organized by Valeria). For the time being the “normal” minions possess moderately low combat skills, with their one advantage being sheer numbers, and the “general” minions possessing moderately high combat skills but very few numbers. In addition using this spell multiple times without much of a gap in between the summons is incredibly draining for Valeria, normally sapping away her energy and sacrificing a bit of her blood to make the spell successful. In the worst case scenario, such as losing a lot of blood before summoning, or using the spell too often, it may kill her.

Some images of the normal and general minions...

Normal Minions:


Luca the horse)

He is Valeria’s strongest General under her command. He wields a lance with a long reach of 2.5 meters with more durability than an iron weapon. However, his summon alone consumes a large amount of Valeria’s energy and blood, and even when she is in perfect condition during the summon, she becomes drained afterwards. Luca has a normally sadistic personality, always happy to be told to attack the enemy and to do as he will (to which he normally responds by making the enemy suffer by killing them slowly), but he also has an undying case of arachnophobia. Simply the sight of a spider, centipede or scorpion is enough to make him shriek in terror. Luca seems to enjoy fighting the undead, especially skeletons, and often beheads them and uses their heads as a projectile weapon against other enemies. He still hasn’t said how he died.


This general is older than Valeria’s other minions, being a longtime war veteran until the ripe old age of 50, where he was killed in combat by taking in a volley of arrows to the chest and neck while engaging the enemy. He is a good several hundred years old, and thus is wiser than most of Valeria’s other minions. His overall experience makes him one of Valeria’s more frequently used Generals, and as a result he is the easiest of the Generals to control. Luca possesses a falchion with weight and durability, as well as a less frequently used battle axe. He hates water above all else because it not only rusts his armor (which severely annoys him even though he’s dead); he lacks the ability to swim. He is often paired with Ivan, and has more strength than Ivan, but lacks his speed.


A deceased elven General whose age isn’t as old as Dmitri’s, but close. He was captured by enemy forces and imprisoned for many long weeks without food or water, and despite lasting for so long, he finally died by malnutrition. In his inventory is a chain whip and a bow and a quiver of arrows, as well as a dagger, thus his inventory is slightly larger than Dmitri’s, but lacks power. The aftereffects of his death have led him to be hungry on a frequent basis, and when summoned and told to attack he will often try and bite off the neck or head of the enemy while attacking them with the dagger or whip, or take out an arrow and frequently stab them. He hates moths and flies because they frequently try to eat away at his skin and clothes or (in the case of the flies) use him as a place to lay their offspring. He hates horseflies even more because they always bite his skin before laying eggs and zipping out of sight. He possesses more speed than Dmitri but lacks his sheer power and experience. They can often be seen butting heads after a battle, criticizing each other on their performances.

Dark Sphere – Fires a black orb that has been cursed with an incantation, visible inside the orb. In a couple seconds it creates a small explosion that can do a small amount of damage or a fair amount, depending on if the person targeted was within its small blast radius (approx. 3 meters). It can damage Valeria’s undead minions and herself if she’s not careful.

Dimensione Decomposta (Italian for Rotted Dimension)– Valeria is capable of draining the world around her, as well as her own opponents. This in return sends what she has sapped back to her, converting it to energy and blood to continue a fight. It is however a very unstable magic and one that is almost impossible to maintain, and the incantation for the spell is very long. As a result, even with Valeria’s best efforts the spell hardly lasts for more than 5 seconds, and only converts ½ of what she has drained to her own energy and blood. It is far too dangerous for her to use it in a one-on-one fight, hence she often uses this ability after a fight or if she is escaping a battle. If her minions are caught in the spell it does nothing to them. In addition this spell only has a 6-meter radius.

Magia Nera (Italian for Black Magic) – This magic is strictly for the use of healing Valeria’s undead minions. It sends the energy of a target, which can be virtually any living thing including Valeria herself, and transfers it to one of the undead minions. It does not however, work on anything but something alive, and does not re-energize more than one minion at a time. Valeria tends to use this magic for the “general” minions rather than the lesser ones. The spell only works if Valeria physically touches the enemy, or is within a 1 meter range.

Cane Dalla Protezione
(Italian for Guard Dog) – As the name implies, rather than summoning a humanoid minion Valeria will instead summon a “guard dog” for protection. It is significantly weaker than even the normal minions, its only advantage over the regular minions being speed. It’s no easier for Valeria to command than the normal minions, but like her signature Necromancy, overusing this spell is dangerous. She normally summons only 2-3 dogs at a time.

Appearance of Guard Dogs:

Sap Bolts – Regular bolts from a crossbow that have been enchanted by Valeria to drain away the energy of an opponent. Unlike her other spells, the one casted on the bolts do not send the energy to the user—instead it all goes to waste. The bolts also have no effect on the undead, vampires or dark elves.


While not a fighter by nature, Valeria has built a crossbow to defend herself when she lacks what she needs to summon the indeed, or if she is incapable of summoning in general. It’s simply a regular crossbow, but it’s the first weapon Valeria grew accustomed to, so she has not thrown her expertise with it away. Though she gladly throws away her current crossbow for the sake of grabbing a new one, if it's better…

Appearance of Crossbow:

Appearance of the tome:

Again, I'm editing this when I can.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand here's my first character!

Name: Roberto

Gender: Male


Alliance: Prise

Goals/ambitions: Searching for a cure for a plague (meh, hope it isn't too clichéd. Probably is though)

Catalyst form: A mace with a pointed tip disguised as a rag doll.

Catalyst Power: Psychological warfare...where Roberto would surround his opponent with illusions that make the opponent think he's being attacked from all sides, but he's not, but since he's trying to guard himself from illusions that can't even hurt him, it leaves an opening in his defenses so Roberto can move in for the kill...However, Roberto actually sees the illusions himself, and it can break his concentration, as they might randomly "attack" him, and it's so real it even fools him.

Personality: Absent-Minded. He talks to himself a lot, not paying attention to the world around him. He has managed to talk with people like a normal person, but he is aggressive and violent if excited. He suffers from psychosis, which influences his thoughts and actions.

Bio: Roberto grew up under a poor family that had barely anything to support him and his mother, the only two people in the family. He had a strong attachment to his mother despite the horrendous living conditions, and she was his only string of sanity left. However, the small town that they lived in was infected with a terrible plague, and his mother caught it in no time. The doctors were unable to cure anyone, as they too were infected with the plague, and died before they could save anyone. In the final hours of his mother's life, Roberto prayed to god, though the prayers were unanswered. In the end, no longer able to watch his mother suffer, he took her pillow and smothered her to death and ending her suffering. Roberto shortly fell into a state of insanity and denial, taking the pillow he used to kill her and making it into a large rag doll, convincing himself that his mother was still alive and still suffering from the disease. He unintentionally put a mace in the doll, and left the house to search for a cure that could never be found.
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PostSubject: Re: Overview and Character sheet   Fri Sep 12, 2008 2:35 pm

For shame SB! EG copy alert! >.>

On other things since its not as rushed this time. (shall I come up with more? For the mere sake of keeping things not too lengthy, possibly despite how that would weed out quite a bit of people or attract even more inconsistent RPers)

1 Shall a code of each group be written?
2 Geography of areas
3 Are there any religions acting in the name of those they worship?
4 Other important people/places/written documents RPers can know of for extra detail on chars
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PostSubject: Re: Overview and Character sheet   

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Overview and Character sheet
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